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About Us

We're a small team passionate about great storytelling and authors making a living on their work. We're based in San Francisco, California. If you'd like to reach us, you can always email us at hello at curiousfictions.com, or follow us online:

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Tanya Breshears

Founder & CEO

Tanya's been designing and building websites professionally for 12 years, most recently at Airbnb. Previously she was a consultant at ZURB, where she worked with companies from 23andMe to Netflix to Thomson Reuters. In her spare time she can be found riding motorcycles, baking bread, or writing short fiction.

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Michelle Fernández

Head of Partnerships

Michelle's interests have allowed her to explore all kinds of industries (food, advertising, music, tech) and all kinds of roles (partnerships, business development, marketing, and communications) at places big and small (Pop-Up Magazine, The California Sunday Magazine, Watsi, Clorox, and La Cocina). Zagat named her one of 30 Under 30 in Food, and her guitar teacher called her adaptation of Beyonce's Lemonade album "not terrible!"

At Curious Fictions, she's excited about connecting people all over the world to great stories. She lives in San Francisco, and spends her spare time hiking, dancing, playing guitar, and cooking way too much food.

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Alessandra López

Editorial Intern

Alessandra recently completed an MFA in Creative Writing, and has interned with Penguin Random House, LEE & LOW Books, and Beaufort Books. As our inaugural editorial intern, Alessandra recommends new authors and helps highlight great stories on Curious Fictions.

Nutmeg 3ef4c682962b693c4dca677c759c8c0c7ff196648dcb5f0f07f46f496c8833cd
Nutmeg Breshears

Morale Officer

Nutmeg continues her role as chief morale officer after successful stints across the Bay Area. Her hobbies include camping, hiking, mind-controlling the humans, and honing a sixth sense for poultry.

Advisors & Investors

Horace ko b5ae8ca0914190ecb935805252644346f08b9a582e3aaa34f99d711c5ceebe25
Horace Ko

A long-time senior engineer at Airbnb, Horace has specialized in search, machine learning, and R&D. His eight-year stint with the company gave him unique insight into growing a team and a product from a handful of engineers up to many hundred, and taking Airbnb.com from a small website with a cult following up to a $38B international organization.

Jennifer lee a8508f3d27b0f892be4160a0f0ff208e89bb93f7b46a951b884447dbb823fa04
Jennifer 8. Lee

A former New York Times reporter, Jennifer is now the cofounder of a literary studio called Plympton, which focuses on innovation and publishing. She also produces documentaries, works on the intersection of technology and journalism with Hacks/Hackers, and serves as vice-chair of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee.

Lenny rachitsky 69bdf08a94be7ac5ea12ca29734b594cbe2828284390783b02bf09efc4ed5abf
Lenny Rachitsky

A startup veteran, Lenny cofounded Localmind, a location-based app that helped locals connect and share insider info with each other. After Localmind was acquired by Airbnb in 2012, Lenny became a product manager and then a product lead, overseeing a team of PMs focusing on guest engagement and demand growth.

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