Roger Ley

Roger Ley writes in a mixture of speculative formats. His anthology 'Dead People on Facebook' is available on Amazon

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Roger Ley was born and educated in London and spent some of his formative years in Saudi Arabia. He worked as an engineer in the oilfields of North Africa and the North Sea, before pursuing a career in higher education. His stories have appeared in about twenty ezines and some have been podcast and broadcast, notably on the AntipodeanSF Radio Show in Australia and Tall Tale TV in the USA. He has published four books: 'The Muslim Prince' is an alternate history novel that asks the question, 'What if Princess Diana hadn't died?' The repercussions for the British Royal Family are surprising, to say the least. 'Dead People on Facebook' is a collection of stories in various speculative genres including: Steampunk, Horror, Sci-fi, Time travel, a little Magic and one Romance. ‘Chronoscape’ is a science fiction novel about time and alternate realities in which the Government is able to read the newspapers from two weeks in the future. 'The future is flexible, we can change it.' ‘A Horse in the Morning’ is a collection of mainly comic autobiographical stories. Find him at:

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