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P.A. Cornell writes speculative fiction. No subgenre is out of bounds.

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P.A. Cornell was born in Chile and raised in Canada, where she now lives her dream of writing speculative fiction full time. She shares her Ontario home with her husband, children and a cat with anger issues. Her fiction has appeared in several anthologies, most recently A Punk Rock Future. She also has stories forthcoming in Galaxy's Edge, Frozen Wavelets and The Bronzeville Bee. She is a member of SFWA and the Canadian Science Fiction Fantasy Association. Visit

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The Monsters We Create

Published Oct 2, 2018 · 5,547 words (21 minutes) · 283 views


As the smallest kid in seventh grade, Paul is a constant target for bullies. Only in the forest is he left alone, as rumors of monsters keep others from entering. But when bullies begin to brave the woods and threaten his sanctuary, Paul finds himself pushed to his limit...and something else that lies beyond.