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P.A. Cornell writes speculative fiction. No subgenre is out of bounds.

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P.A. Cornell is a Chilean-Canadian SFF writer who wrote her first science-fiction story as a third-grade assignment, and still has it in her possession over three decades later. A member of the SFWA and graduate of the Odyssey workshop, her short fiction has appeared in several anthologies and genre magazines. For a full bibliography visit

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Featured January 15, 2020



One Last Payday

Published Jan 9, 2020 · 12,616 words (46 minutes) · 3 likes · 627 views

Science Fiction cyberpunk

Vega has just one more heist to pull before she can get off this mudball called Earth. But when the target turns out to be a seven-year-old boy, she’ll need to change plans fast—even if it means reaching out to her estranged SecForce sister. Author P.A. Cornell is a Chilean-Canadian SFF writer, SFWA member, and Odyssey workshop graduate.




The Monsters We Create

Published Oct 2, 2018 · 5,547 words (21 minutes) · 550 views


As the smallest kid in seventh grade, Paul is a constant target for bullies. Only in the forest is he left alone, as rumors of monsters keep others from entering. But when bullies begin to brave the woods and threaten his sanctuary, Paul finds himself pushed to his limit...and something else that lies beyond.