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Jude-Marie Green writes science fiction and fantasy, has edited for online magazines Abyss&Apex, 10Flash Quarterly, and Noctem Aeternus, and published stories in magazines and anthologies, online and podcast. She graduated Clarion West 2010 and won the Speculative Writers Foundation's Older Writers Grant. She lives in Southern California near the beach, though not near enough.

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Gm cover
Glorious Madness

By Jude-Marie Green

Author of 100 science fction and fantasy genre-spanning stories, Jude-Marie Green presents a collection ranging from a kitchen in space to fractal fishing in the asteroid belt, finding the man of your (literal) dreams and creating zombies. Graduate of Clarion West Writers Workshop, winner of the Speculative Literature Foundation's Older Writer's Grant, and frequent convention panelist, Green writes.

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Qvn cover
Quantum Visions Next

By Jude-Marie Green

This eighth in a series QUANTUM VISIONS features science fiction and fantasy stories from award-winning authors Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Shauna R. Roberts, Chrome Oxide, and Will Morton; Wendy Van Camp; John Reidy and Jon Vasquez; David R. Moore and Ralph Cox; Robin Walton; Jamie Cassidy-Curtis and Tim Cassidy-Curtis. Editor Jude-Marie Green says these stories will you, scare you, and keep you up at night considering the human condition.

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Geek out ii front cover final.png
Geek Out II

By Jude-Marie Green

Geek Out! II: Queer Pop Lit, Art & Ideas contains LGBTQ+ stories, poems and essays on star-crossed lovers, femmes fatale, AI and superhero love affairs, RuPaul’s Drag Race, alien abduction films, queer Muslims, trans forebears, dead Hollywood heartthrobs, haunted houses, enchanted closets and more! All with some beautiful, thought-provoking, full color visual art and b&w graphic art too!

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