C.L. Holland

C.L. Holland writes fantasy and science fiction.

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C.L. Holland is a British writer of science fiction and fantasy, and has been published in magazines and anthologies such as Daily Science Fiction, Cats in Space, and most recently Nature. She has a BA in English with Creative Writing, and MA in English, and likes to learn things for fun. When not working or writing she can be found making jewellery and reading about history, folklore, or whatever her current obsession is. She also writes poetry under the name Lucy Gabriel. https://curiousfictions.com/authors/612-lucy-gabriel

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Enter the Sky Man

Published Feb 24, 2018 · 994 words (4 minutes) · 468 views

Literary Fiction flash carnival divination flash fiction

Jason doesn't believe Psychic Wanda when she says a man will come from the sky. Then one day, a hot air balloon lands on the carnival.


Hot Balloon Ride at 4am.



This is the Way the World Begins

Published Sep 19, 2017 · 857 words (4 minutes) · 541 views

Horror Science Fiction flash space travel terraforming old gods weird

The crew of a terraforming ship are faced with the consequences of their actions.

Audio Available





Published Sep 19, 2017 · 875 words (4 minutes) · 491 views

Fantasy flash revenge flash fiction

Maimed by the Emperor, Sora must learn how to live without hands - and how to seek revenge.


Quaint alley in the medieval town of Mdina - Malta