Tabatha Wood

Tabatha Wood lives in Wellington, New Zealand and writes weird, dark, horror fiction and the occasional uplifting poem.

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Tabatha Wood lives in Wellington, New Zealand and writes weird, dark fiction and uplifting poetry. A former English teacher and library manager, Tabatha’s first published books were non-fiction guides aimed at people working in education. She now teaches from home while writing in her spare time. 

Her debut collection, “Dark Winds Over Wellington: Chilling Tales of the Weird & the Strange” was released in March 2019, and nominated for a Sir Julius Vogel award for Best Collected Fiction in 2020. Since then, she has had stories published in numerous Things In The Well anthologies, plus two antipodean horror/SpecFic magazines: Midnight Echo and Breach.

She frequently writes reviews and essays for other blogs, and her essay “Who is Ellen Ripley?” featured as the lead story for The Digital Dead magazine #16. 

Tabatha was the lead editor in a team of twelve for the recently-completed charity anthology, “Black Dogs, Black Tales,” which aims to raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 

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