Tree of bones cover

Tree of Bones, A Familiar's Tale Book 2

By Verna McKinnon

Two Curses A curse of Darkness... Deep within the Thill forest, stands a tree made of human bones, crowned in black leaves and red thorns. A curse of Light... Beneath the Wastelands of Skarros, a crystal imprisons a dark, immortal queen. The Sorceress, Runa, is tormented by horrific images of this tree of bones in a distant, lifeless forest. The tree of bones summons Runa, and she must risk madness and death as obsession drives her on. What she finds reveals a devastating truth.

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Published Aug 7, 2019 · 5,979 words (22 minutes) · 383 views

Fantasy Horror sword and sorcery

I wrote several short stories about the history of my world in my "Familiar's Tale," fantasy novel series. The Demon Fortress, or Gate of Bones, as the story was originally called, introduces the character of Neelam the Dwarven Wizard, who figures prominently in my series in book 2, Tree of Bones, and Book 3, The Fires of Rapiveshta. He is an old friend of Cathal's and fought side-by-side with him in the original Bloodstone Wars.