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Story of the Week: July 18

The Warrior and the Sage

By Shweta Adhyam


5715 words (21 minutes) · 1 like

When a village mountain disappears under the cover of darkness with her friend on board, a young girl gets the chance to be the heroine she'd always dreamed of being—but it's not quite what she’d imagined. Author Shweta Adhyam grew up in Madras and now lives in Seattle, and was a 2017 attendee of Clarion West.

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Featured July 4, 2018

Wendy Nikel

Lava Cake for the Apocalypse

855 words (4 minutes) · 3 likes

Science Fiction

What’s the recipe for a world worth saving? This “Lava Cake for the Apocalypse” may taste bittersweet. Author Wendy Nikel is a managing editor at Flash Fiction Online, winner of the Baen Memorial Award, and has over a dozen stories available on Curious Fictions. Go explore some stories!


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Featured June 24, 2018

Karlo Yeager Rodríguez

Writing for the End of the World

1029 words (4 minutes) · 6 likes

HumorLiterary FictionScience Fiction

In an isolated cabin at the edge of civilization, a writer is charged with fending off the apocalypse, one sheet of paper at a time. Originally from Puerto Rico, author Karlo Yeager Rodríguez now resides in Baltimore with his partner and very eccentric dog.


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Featured June 17, 2018

Amy Sisson

Patriot Girls

2987 words (11 minutes) · 6 likes

Science Fiction

Through the eyes of a young “Patriot Girl,” darker truths about a world nominally consumed by duty and family values come to light. Author Amy Sisson not only writes short stories and edits books, she can also help you locate any title in the stacks.


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Featured June 10, 2018

Phoebe Barton

Three Years of Ashes and Twenty Years of Dust

6805 words (25 minutes) · 1 like

Science Fiction

Leaving the past behind is hard, no matter what planet you live on. Settle in with a cup of cosmic tea, and follow one woman’s otherworldly quest for justice as she speeds toward redefining her life far, far away in this work of science fiction by Phoebe Barton. Phoebe's work has appeared in publications from Analog, to Bundoran Press, to Alliteration Ink.


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Featured June 3, 2018

KJ Kabza

The Separatists

994 words (4 minutes) · 5 likes

Science Fiction

To claim immortality, must other pieces of ourselves die? Alongside social and political commentary, decorated author KJ Kabza explores what it means to be true to oneself, what it means to serve others, and what really matters in life and in death—all in fewer than 1,000 words.

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