Obligatory Greetings

By Steven Harper
Mar 9, 2019 · 186 words · 1 minute



Hey look--new friends!

I'm Steven Harper Piziks.  Since my last name is difficult to spell and pronounce, I usually write under the name Steven Harper. So far, I've written a couple dozen books--fantasy, science fiction, mystery, romance, and a how-to book for writing paranormal novels.  I've also written over 50 short stories and essays.

I spend most days chained to my computer, though I sometimes come up for air long enough to do a 5K run, play my harp (yes, really), and teach high school English.

A while ago, my fiftieth birthday slipped up behind me like a robber in a back alley, and I realized I'd published at least one short story for every year I'd been alive, and a lot of them are little gems that have vanished out of print.

So I'm making them available here.

I'll make you a deal. I'll put up a short piece every week. You read them and promise to have a look at my books.  Maybe I'll start serializing some of my novels, too.

Because no one's so rich they can turn down a new friend.

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A teenaged boy flees his abusive step-father in Michigan only to find himself coerced into sex work in Florida. His only escape is a journal in which he writes the story of the legendary Ganymede. But over time, the journal crosses with reality.

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Steven Harper

Steven Harper is well-known for his fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk.