Starting Over

By Steven Harper
Mar 9, 2019 · 150 words · 1 minute

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From the author: Sometimes you just have to start over.

I'm writing a new book based on a short story I recently sold. (More details on -that- later.) My agent read the story along with my short treatment for a novel and was enthusiastic about it.

Now I have to actually write it.

The working title is PARADIGM SHIFT. A guy who dropped out of law school to become a bricklayer is coerced into swapping places with his double from a parallel universe in order to save the world. Or maybe he'll destroy it.

I'm loving this so far. It's a first-person narrative, which I find myself doing more and more lately, and Sikander's voice is fun to write. I've written a handful of chapters and went back to do some rewriting for Ye Agente, and realized I had the opening all wrong. It was awful.

So now I'm tearing the first chapter apart and starting over. The writing life...

Steven Harper

Steven Harper is well-known for his fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk.