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By Steven Harper
Mar 16, 2019 · 539 words · 2 minutes

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A while ago, I tried my hand at yogurt in the Instant Pot. It came out very while, though it was a little tricky. The little cookbook that came with the Instant Pot has a yogurt recipe in it that doesn't once mention the YOGURT setting on the pot. WTF? I did some searching around on-line and read a dozen or so recipes that do mention it, and they all say basically the same thing: scald a bunch of milk in the Instant Pot, let it cool, stir in a little yogurt (kind of like putting some previous sour dough into your current batch of sour dough), set the IP to YOGURT for eight hours, and strain the stuff when it's done.
I did all this, and it came out very well. Once I get this down pat, we won't ever have to buy yogurt again. The only real snag is that it sucks up the Instant Pot for an entire day. I also came away with a huge container of yogurt whey, a byproduct of the straining. I was just going to dump it when I learned it's actually good to use in place of water for things like bread and pancakes. So I saved it.
Which leads us to today.
I'm making ribs today, because I like them and because Darwin can eat them all he likes. And I have all this whey to use up, so I figured I'd make whey pancakes for breakfast and some bread maker bread. And I could make yogurt, too, since we're running out of what I already made.
And then we ran into the problem.
First I made the whey pancakes. They turned out ultra-fluffy and completely delicious, especially since blackberries are in season in South America and the store had them on sale and I could sprinkle them into the pancakes. Darwin and Max liked them very much, and I was impressed with the "whey" they cooked up light and fluffy. :)
Then I turned to the other projects and ran into the problem.
Yogurt is a ten-hour process for the Instant Pot. If I set up some yogurt, I wouldn't be able to make the ribs!
I told my husband Darwin I needed another Instant Pot. He was shocking unreceptive to the idea.

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