The Yogurt Master

By Steven Harper
Mar 28, 2019 · 328 words · 2 minutes

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From the author: What happens when you give an Instant Pot and a gallon of milk to a foodie.

I have totally mastered yogurt. You may bow before me.

It's the Instant Pot for the win, of course. A couple weeks ago, I researched a bunch of yogurt recipes and compiled them into One Recipe to Rule Them All. Yogurt is easy to make when you have a little cooker that will control the temperature to half a degree! Yogurt basically goes like this:

--scald a bunch of milk
--let it cool
--whisk in some existing yogurt (for the culture)
--let it sit a very low cooking temperature for eight hours
--cool it
--strain it

But some experimentation has taught me a few other tricks.

--There's no difference in taste or texture between 1% and 2% milk, so we may as well stick with 1% to save a few fat grams.
--Since it takes about ten hours to make yogurt in an Instant Pot, it's best to do the initial scalding and cooling close to bed time, then let the milk yogurtize overnight in the Instant Pot. In the morning, just dump it into a sealed container and fridge it until you get home from work.
--I can do huge batches of yogurt. At first, the main bottleneck was straining because I was using my wire strainer and a single coffee filter, which won't hold much yogurt. Then I hit on lining a colander with a bunch of coffee filters and standing it in my big mixing bowl. That lets me do most of a gallon all at once!
--Straining works best in the refrigerator. The resulting yogurt is thicker and creamier.
--The strained yogurt has almost the consistency of sour cream or even soft ice cream.
--Adding a drop of vanilla, some artificial sweetener, and a sprinkling of fruit creates a fantastic bit of culinary delight with low fat and few carbs. Darwin loves it.
--When I have some for breakfast, I'm not starving by lunch time. Big plus!

My next project is to put some into my ice cream maker. I want to see what happens!

Steven Harper

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