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Name Change

By Novae Caelum
Sep 17, 2019 · 206 words · 1 minute

milky way

Photo by Aperture Vintage via Unsplash.

From the author: I'm changing my name!

Hi everyone!

You might have noticed I'm writing under a different name--I'm in the process of changing my name both personally and professionally [from Holly Caelum Heisey] to Novae Caelum (NOHV-eye KALE-um), and I've changed my pronouns to star/stars/starself, though they/them/their is still okay, too. Just so no one wonders who this suddenly new person is!

This is a wonderful step on my journey as a trans/nonbinary/starfluid person. I love my new name, and can't wait to keep creating more stuff for you all to read and enjoy!

I'm changing over some of my covers, too. If you have any links anywhere to my profile, everything should still be good to go!

Also, while I've been saying "Magnificent" is only two chapters away from being finished for the last few chapters I've posted, it's still two chapters away from being finished. This wonderful heart story of gender and change has become a parallel to my own current story of gender and change in a wonderful/crazy way. (As sometimes goes with writers and life!) I'm learning much from it, and I'm letting it have the full ending it deserves. So, new chapter up today, but still two more to go!

And more stories soon! <3

- Novae

Novae Caelum

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