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The Stuff of Nightmares is now live

By Charlotte Platt
Sep 30, 2019 · 80 words · 1 minute

From the author: Do you want 13 scary stories for $0.99, including one of my explicit horror tales? Link below!

The Stuff of Nightmares, featuring my horror story Moonlight Mercy, is now live on Amazon and other platforms.

This book has 13 short horror tales around the theme of nightmares and is an excellent chance to get some modern horror stories for $0.99 while it's new!

Amazon link is: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07YK33DYS/

Let me know if anyone picks it up and if they want more on that universe, because I have been thinking about an extender story for it for a while.

Charlotte Platt

Charlotte Platt lurks in the woods beside a river and writes horror and speculative fiction.