Fantasy Humor Science Fiction Romance Jews in Space

Tomorrow Will Be Brighter

By Debra Jess
Jul 6, 2019 · 5,871 words · 22 minutes

Disco Ball

Photo by Jesse Echevarria via Unsplash.

From the author: Captain Levine set out across the galaxy to deliver cargo to her new fiancé. Instead she finds herself a prisoner of a fiendish Prince of the Jahuul Empire. He decides to make Levine one of his dancing girls. Levine strikes a deal: she’ll find him his one true match in three days or he can keep her forever.

I never planned on becoming a blockade runner. It's safe to say the only way you could get me to run is if one of my sisters chased me with pair of scissors and a flat iron. Now Elias—that would be my husband, of blessed memory—for him, I would have run if he asked. He liked a good chase, my Elias. He thought he could escape me, dodging and weaving his tuchas all over the Kuiper belt before I caught him. He laughed about it afterward, during our honeymoon on Europa, but what should I care if...

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