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The Soul in the Bell Jar

By KJ Kabza
Sep 13, 2019 · 10,379 words · 38 minutes

From the author: When 11-year-old Lindsome's self-absorbed parents take a trip around the world, she is sent to live with her great-uncle in his remote, crumbling estate. And the rumors about it are true: her uncle, the half-mad scientist Professor Dandrige, lets his gruesome, undead experiments wander the grounds. But the rotting animal corpses that move in the dark are the least taboo of the estate's secrets, and Lindsome will need to unravel each one to stop the Professor's most nightmarish experiment of all.

Ten lonely miles from the shores of the Gneiss Sea, where the low town of Hume rots beneath the mist, runs a half-wild road without a name. Flanked by brambles and the black, it turns through wolf-thick hollows, watched by yellow eyes that glitter with hunger and the moon. The wolves, of course, are nothing, and no cutthroat highwayman ever waited beneath the shadows of those oaks. There are far worse things that shamble in the dark. This is the road that skirts Long Hill.

So the coachman...

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