Literary Fiction Family siblings death coping twins

Picture Day

By KJ Kabza
Oct 13, 2019 · 2,517 words · 10 minutes

From the author: Clumsy, messy Nick and his twin Annie owe their mother one last act: a professional, studio portrait of themselves in clean clothes that fit, so they have a record of looking nice "for once". But can doing something that comes unnaturally ever be an authentic act of love?

I look into the mirror.

"You look nice," says Annie, from behind me. "Let's go."

My hair is combed, my tie straight, my outfit pressed and dry-cleaned. My shoes are shined to a glossy black. But I don't like the look in my eyes and I don't look nice.

We go anyway.

My sister and I pull up outside of the photographer's studio. The landscaping out front is geometrically perfect and the building looks new. As I open the passenger door and step onto the asphalt, I notice that there is no grit in...

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