Science Fiction dystopian sad relationships dystopia tragic tragedy

The Vision of Miss Elaine

By KJ Kabza
Oct 18, 2019 · 6,750 words · 25 minutes

From the author: Thanks to a new neural imaging technique, Science can now peer so deeply into a human mind, it's possible to map a person's private mental landscape of symbolic representation--and use that map to build a piece of Art so perfectly tailored, it stops the customer from hungering for any other Art forever. To support his family, artist Mick Lawson is forced to work in the industry that's killing his craft... and in doing so, he meets a client who might also destroy his marriage.

According to the FWERD technician, the resonator must be big: an elliptical room 80 feet long on the major axis, with a parabolic ceiling. The entrance would be a trapdoor in the center, beneath the Lock. "The trapdoor must be a close fit, and from inside the resonator, it must be pulled open via an iron ring."

Alone in the Zen Studios' carpentry workshop, Mick Lawson shifted in his chair and listened while his heart beat hard. Somebody still needed him, thank God.

From his computer, the...

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