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The Invasion

By Charlotte Platt
Nov 20, 2019 · 856 words · 4 minutes

Wet mountain valley

Photo by Kalen Emsley via Unsplash.

From the author: Some light morning fantasy with a mythological twist, The Invasion is a flash fiction about what to do when you get invaded.


“Charles, it’s Justine. Are you ready?” The firm voice of the French premier came through clear as a bell and Charles was thankful he had her as a contact rather than his neighbours across the pond. None of them knew who their official ally was in this scenario; you just got the number and called.

“We’re still mobilising currently. I've spoken to Steve, he's almost ready to go."

"Excellent, excellent, good man for making the call. I'm quite intrigued to see what they will have hidden in Canada."

"Haven't you heard? They have the cryptids: giant moose and yeti."

"Oh how marvellous! I can't want to see the look on those three eyed idiots faces when they see those." She gave a chuckle, low in her throat, and Charles nearly blushed at the sound. Jennifer had always been ruthless but it was different to hear her bloodthirsty. Still, most of them were by now. The invasion had been unpleasant and none of them held mercy close.

"I think it should be impressive," he agreed, clearing his throat "You're ready with the wolves?" 

"Turned, and all ready to fight. They can tear through the body armour in record time and the rage is only for the Den'aks now."

"How did you manage that?" Charles blurted, setting down his teacup.

"Patriotism to the planet and basic threat management. A human might taste nice to a werewolf but we're not really a concern to them."

"I didn't realise they could be communicated with post turning," he replied, adding it to the list of information he would probably drink to forget after this whole matter was done. Dealing with an alien invasion had not been one of his manifesto pledges and he planned to wipe as much of it from his mind as he could.

"Oh yes, it takes a little adaptation but we've been working on it for long enough."

"We'll have to discuss how you managed that." No they absolutely would not, but he knew she would take it as praise. "Has anyone spoken to Kaito as yet? I would call, one island to another, but it's not within the protocol."

"Yes, yes, Leticia had him and he's ready. You know what they have?"

"No, I hadn't heard."

"Think along the lines of yours but will a touch more radiation."

"You're telling me he has Godzilla?"

"I never said such a thing! However, were I in the mood to say such things then it is what I would say. Honestly between your dragons and his creature I'm sure we could get half of them cleared out without any fuss."

"I suppose so. Though I do hear Stian's trolls are a sight to behold, can tear a car in two from what we've seen." He has seen them himself, one wedding trip long ago, before he'd been elected. Or even a politician.

"How delightful, I must ask him for a visit to Bergen so I can see."

"I thoroughly recommend it. I must dash now though, last minute updates to get and I should really go speak to the squad leader before the joint conference."

"Of course, I'll do the last of the chaser calls and get ready for the announcement. Enjoy your scaled friends."

Charles set the phone down, putting a hand to his temple and massaging the promise of a headache that was budding there. He had not signed up for this. They could do it, of course they could, but he'd wanted to go down as the Prime Minister who ended the wage gap, not who raised dragons.

"You look upset." Charles looked up to the young man sat across from him in the bunker, perched on the meeting chair as if he too would take flight at any moment. He was blonde, slim, muscled as a bear and would probably have been snapped up by GQ if he hadn't been sleeping under a mountain for the last few hundred years.

"Just a little concerned. I'm sure you know what you're doing but it's not exactly the sort of leadership I planned to have."

"A reasonable concern. Talk to Merlin, he provides good counsel. He's been updating me on all your new technology. Just fascinating what you can do now."

"I'm very pleased to hear it. You're ready for the fight?"

"Always my good man, always. The dragons will follow my lead and those brutes won't know what hit them." He flashed a wolfish grin and Charles quietly prayed that he would make it through the day.

"And you understand that, should anyone ask, you're simply an army leader?"

"Of course, wouldn't want to upset the Queen! Much as Merlin says she has a good sense of humour it would be a little rude."

"Thank you, Arthur, I'm so glad you appreciate that. We start at noon, so only an hour to go."

"I think I'll go speak to the troops then, get them ready for the flight."

"You have my thanks," Charles said, and meant it. He meant it almost as much as he meant to start on the brandy when he got home.

Charlotte Platt

Charlotte Platt lurks in the woods beside a river and writes horror and speculative fiction.