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Some Monsters Swim

By H.L. Fullerton
Mar 5, 2020 · 245 words · 1 minute

Photo by Reuben Hustler via Unsplash.

From the author: A dragon don't have wings but fins...

A dragon don't have wings but fins her brother says and Midge believes him.  Dad's taken him sailing and Eddie's seen things.  Josh says Eddie's a liar, maybe he saw a shark or a ray, but dragons don't swim, everyone knows that.  Still Eddie insists and when Midge asks Dad, he just smiles and says, "Sometimes fish stories ain't about fish."  Midge would like to see for herself, but Dad says little girls and boats don't mix none. 

So Midge borrows the boat—steals it, just a little—and rows to where the sea's deep enough for dragons.  She casts Dad's nets wide as she can fling 'em, but catches nothing but dinner. 

A pod of dolphins squeak at her, nudge her craft with bottle noses.  "I'm waiting on a dragon," she says, waving them away.  They glide off, throwing her worried looks.  She stares at the water as it turns choppy.  Small waves crest the lip of her boat; the water colors like bruised flesh.  A squall's about to hit, but she hasn't yet spotted Eddie's creature. 

She meets a turtle, a grouper she coaxes into the boat, a lost jellyfish—all warn of impending doom.  Midge stays her course. 

The boat lurches and the sea falls away from Midge like rain.  She flies—no, swims through the air, laughing.  From starboard side comes the glint of shimmery scales.  Ever the fisherman's daughter, Midge unfurls her net, lets the wind toss it for her—and traps a blue-finned dragon. 

This story originally appeared in Grievous Angel.