Fantasy urban fantasy shapeshifting Shape-shifter Heroka

Spirit Dance

By Douglas Smith
Mar 21, 2020 · 6,883 words · 26 minutes

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From the author: AURORA AWARD WINNER — Prequel to THE WOLF AT THE END OF THE WORLD — The Heroka, an ancient race of shapeshifters, draw their vitality from their totem animals. Gwyn Blaidd, a Heroka of the wolf totem, has lived as a recluse since a deadly battle with the Tainchel, the covert agency that hunts the Heroka, cost him the woman he loved. But when an old friend sets out to kill a powerful logging baron, Gwyn must again face the Tainchel—and his own dark past.

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In the beginning of things, men were as animals and animals as men.

—Cree legend

Vera made a warding sign as I entered the store, my hound Gelert trailing behind me. She pretended to wipe her hands on her faded blue apron, but I caught the dance of her fingers.

"Hello, Vera. It's been a while," I said.

"Yes, yes it has, Mr. Blaidd," she said too quickly, not returning my smile. Turning from where she'd been refilling a food bin, she addressed her husband. "I gotta check something in the...

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