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Featured August 2, 2019



James Van Pelt

The Last of the O-Forms

Published Jul 31, 2019 · 6,295 words (23 minutes) · 5 likes · 516 views

Horror Science Fiction dystopian epidemic mutation pandemic

Dr. Trevin’s Traveling Zoological Extravaganza raked in the cash in the early days of the DNA-mutating plague—it was even featured in Newsweek! But now that mutated animals roam every city and town, Trevin and Caprice (a preternaturally smart 12-year-old) will need to resort to more desperate measures to stay relevant.

This Nebula-finalist story originally appeared in Asimov’s in 2004. Author James Van Pelt, an English teacher turned full-time writer, has also been nominated for the Sturgeon and Campbell awards, and published dozens of short stories and novels.


So… My mother and I were walking around the zoo and we decided to stop and chat with this ape. It was amazing!, the ape appears to understand what my mother says. They touched hands and all that human/animal love… and when I touch just the shoulder of my mom to tell her that we must be going home, the animal start throwing dust at me and yelling. It was hilarious.