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Found 3 works tagged 'melancholy'.

Featured January 22, 2020



Wendy Nikel

Questions Posed in an Alien Tongue

Published Jan 15, 2020 · 1,286 words (5 minutes) · 4 likes · 391 views

Science Fiction melancholy sci-fi Alien outer space

At age five, she survived a crash landing on an alien planet. At age twenty, she's charged with learning what brought her ship here. But the answers may permanently change her relationship with her keepers—or are they her captors?

Wendy Nikel, tea aficionado and flash fiction expert, has published dozens of short stories in venues such as Nature Futures, Daily Science Fiction, and Flash Fiction Online. Her time travel novella, THE CONTINUUM, is now available from World Weaver Press.


I was experimenting with water, cooking oil and different color patterns displayed by an old iPad. I like the "jupiterian vibe" of this particular bubble.



Katrina Smith

Language of the Gulls

Published Jun 5, 2019 · 4,676 words (18 minutes) · 439 views

Literary Fiction Science Fiction Lyrical philosophical postapocalyptic Strange Allegorical melancholy Ocean Stories Family story inside story teen Rules of the Run beachpunk

Inside the Walls, Turtle and his sister navigate the organized zealotry that has taken hold of the survivors in the quarantine zone by running and hiding. A quiet morning on a lonely beach is too good an opportunity for salvage to pass up-- but even stolen moments and memories come with a cost, and sometimes not even belief can save you.





Tanya Breshears


Published Jun 29, 2017 · 1,450 words (6 minutes) · 9 likes · 881 views

Science Fiction Love What is time anyway? speculative aliens melancholy friendship Poignant


The South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) is a unique building in Adelaide’s new health research district in the city. Not only is the building beautiful from the outside, with its unique tiled windows adorned with individual shades, but its interior is even more impressive.

In the rear atrium there is this beautiful helical staircase which leads researchers and scientists up and down the levels of open office spaces.

This photo is shot looking directly up, inside the centre void of the helix.