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Trent Jamieson

The Giant’s Servant

Published Apr 10, 2020 · 6,090 words (23 minutes) · 104 views

Fantasy Clockwork Skies Giants bears Towers Counting of Things Hearts Dimension 6

A giant in daylight is almost comical; a giant at night, horrifying. However, a giant in the last low beams of the sun is neither menacing nor ridiculous: it just is.


Featured February 6, 2020



Spencer Ellsworth

About The Bear

Published Feb 3, 2020 · 909 words (4 minutes) · 6 likes · 519 views

Fantasy Humor flash epic fantasy sword & sorcery bears

At a remote outpost in the cold desert, more than a few improbably tall tales are shared around a campfire. Sometimes, though, believing makes all the difference in the world.

Spencer Ellsworth is the author of the THE GREAT FAERIE STRIKE, available from Broken Eye Books, as well as the STARFIRE trilogy from Tor Books. His short fiction has also appeared in Lightspeed,, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and many other fine venues.


Lonely Bear