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Daniel Ausema

Tree Ring Anthology

Published Jul 10, 2020 · 2,067 words (8 minutes) · 106 views

Fantasy Horror Literary Fiction Trees

The rings of a tree tell a story. For some trees, that means a litany of horrors that have twisted its long life and haunt its space still, even after the tree is harvested. This story was written for the D. F. Lewis-edited Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies as a twist on the theme to expand the image of what an anthology is and might be.


Circle of Life



Holly Lyn Walrath

knick knack, knick knack

Published Apr 2, 2020 · 669 words (3 minutes) · 1 like · 1 view

Fantasy Spirits ghosts Women witches Mothers and daughters Kodama Trees

Tree spirits watch over a young woman grieving from the loss of her mother.


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